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19 September 2019
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Bringing innovation to the healthtech market | A cross sector approach

In the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy and Minister of Health, √Čtienne Schneider, the Luxembourg HealthTech, ICT and Materials & Manufacturing Clusters will host an event on how to successfully target the healthtech market and launch innovations respecting the regulations in force. You are warmly invited to participate. 

New technologies, often stemming from other sectors, have great potential to improve and enhance healthcare. However, companies who enter the healthcare market for the first time are faced with high-level requirements specific to this field, such as medical regulations, personal data protection and cybersecurity obligations.

This event will explore how information technologies, innovative materials or specialised manufacturing processes originating from other sectors can be applied to field healthcare. Companies that have already succeeded with this will share their concrete experience. You will also meet experts with in-depth insights into the regulatory considerations that need to be taken into account.

The event includes a B2B session for participants from the ICT and materials and manufacturing sectors interested in the healthtech market, and those from the healthtech sector who are interested in finding new technologies and products. This is also an excellent opportunity to meet potential partners, suppliers and clients.



Closed since 18 September 2019


4 Place de l'Europe
L-1499 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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